When a Messerschmitt KR200 Is Crossed With a DKW

You end up with........




"That is the ugliest car I have ever seen" - Sarah Gibson (my mother!)

Welcome to the home page of Frankenschmitt. I recently purchased this car on eBay, and have been deciding what exactly to do with it. Restore it back to a 'Schmitt, or fix it up in its current configuration. Enjoy the site, and come back every so often, as it will grow as progress is made.

Any questions? Any idea who built it? Want to be emailed when this page is updated? Contact me at dkgibson3@tx.rr.com


Index O' de Site:

The eBay Auction that lured me in

Tour of the car as it arrived at my house

Restoration Blog

07/14/2008 - The Teardown Begins

08/03/2008 - Teardown Continues

08/26/2008 - Torn Down

09/24/2008 - Lots Done!

11/02/2008 - Progress!

12/06/2008 - Body Work Continues

01/04/2009 - Happy New Year!

01/09/2009 - A Quick Update

02/22/2009 - Rock ON!

03/23/2009 - Paint Going On!

05/04/2009 - Slowly But Surely

10/15/2009 - Where We Are

10/13/2010 - On The Street