The Way Back

1966 Chevy Way Back With Seat 
1966 Chevy Way Back With Seat 

Please do not refer to it as "the third seat". As any child of the 60s knows, it is the "way back". Back then, in the good old days when children did not have to wear seatbelts to stay alive(ignorance is bliss, eh?), you would get to this haven for both child and parent by climbing over the rear set to the "way back", usually when the car was moving at 80 mph. It had its pros and cons however. If you were prone to car sickness, sitting over the rear axle facing backwards was a bad spot to be in. My mom would usually pilfer "barf bags" from the airlines, and keep them in the glovebox on long trips. For the most part, since mom and dad could not hear you punch your brother, nor did they care at that distance, it was a pretty good way to travel. This giant "way back" seats three easy!! You have plenty of storage even with the seat up (see all the space parts under there?). And, as you can tell by the picture, when the "way back" is folded, and the rear seat is down, you can slide a 4x8 sheet of plywood in and have it lay down flat. Eat your heart out minivan owners!!
The seat is in great shape, having been used very little. This is the first wagon I have owned that does not use plastic rear panels. These are covered in vinyl, and need to be recovered.At least I do not have to go and look for impossible to find pieces!! I do need a rubber mat for the floor, as mine is starting to crack a little.
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